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Welcome to the practice of holistic wellness, relaxation, recharging and healing.
  • Influence quality of life and set impulses
  • Strengthen connection to inner strength and vitality
  • Perceive and promote healthy
  • Creating space for change and healing 

I am happy to accompany and support you according to your individual needs and your current life situation with the following forms of therapy:

  • Reiki 
  • Aura therapy 
  • Energy massages 
  • Burnout counseling (pre- and aftercare) 
  • meditation 
  • Singing bowl massages

Our body gives us a lot of information and signals. If we are willing to listen to them, they are wonderful signposts to personal change and healing. I would be happy to accompany you on your path for a while.

Your  René DeThomas


 "I don't know if it will get better if it becomes different. But it must become different if it is to become better."

George Chr. Lichtenberg

"Time for me" - a precious commodity which we allow ourselves in today's fast-paced time too little and give.

I will gladly take the time to "be there" for you. "Time for me" - all my treatment offers pursue this goal, to put yourself in the center of attention for once, to simply "be yourself" for once and to relax optimally and to gather new strength for everyday life > "body, mind and soul in harmony". 



What is the effect of the REIKI-treatment?REIKI awakens your self-healing powers on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You feel like new born! 

  • promotes self-healing 
  • strengthens body and mind 
  • restores harmony and mental well-being 
  • balances the energy flow 
  • dissolves blockages and promotes total relaxation 
  • has a detoxifying effect 
  • flows in unlimited quantity 
  • balances the chakras 
  • relaxes and frees from stress

At the beginning of a treatment series it is optimal if REIKI is given in a weekly cycle within four consecutive weeks. However, each client decides after the first treatment himself/herself about the further procedure. 



What is an aura?

Every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic "mantle", which is already called "the aura" in ancient Indian scriptures. The human aura is an energy that develops, keeps us alive and characterizes every human being. Every human being has an individual aura, an energy body, a light body that permeates and surrounds the physical body. The aura can be perceived in a state of heightened sensory awareness. The majority of the aura is subtle. The aura differs from person to person in shape, structure, content and color. The appearance of the aura is not random, but determined by the soul structure, that is, the previous stage of development and the current state of mind. The aura consists of different layers or bodies and has different chakras.In aura therapy the human being is considered in his wholeness and his many-sided dimensions and the deeper layers of his being are included.The aura work can be used as a supplement and deepening to all other therapies and serves in the practice everyday life so the clients with greater and faster healing successes. 







Bioenergy full body massage

This massage is a wonderful way of regeneration and a very efficient treatment method that directly influences cell structure, cell tension and cell information. Elements from Eastern and Western techniques are harmoniously combined. It contains elements from Ayurveda, classical massage and energy work and works on the muscle and joint level as well as in the subtle area.

Meridians and chakras are stimulated, hamonized and by pressing certain accupressure points the organs are activated. Strong grips are combined with gentle strokes and there are also moments of pause. In this way, energetic blockages can be released, fresh energy can be made to flow, thus giving our body more vitality and lightness.  


Energetic foot massage

It is based on the knowledge of reflex zones and is a combination of energy work and reflexology; this means that the whole body, divided into zones, is reflected in the feet (and hands). Physical complaints or stress symptoms show a loss of harmony. On the feet, disturbances show up as pain sensations or tissue irregularities.The loss of harmony can be balanced here in a gentle, yet very powerful way (this type of treatment is never painful, unlike the well-known foot reflexology massage). The feet are often felt as light as a feather afterwards. At the same time, grounding is created as energy is directed from the head to the feet. It calms and creates an atmosphere of peace and letting go. 


Tibetan energetic back massage

Tibetan massage stimulates subtle energies that permeate the body, connecting and nurturing our physical and spiritual selves. The most important element is touch, based on the principle of infinity, combined with a powerful pressure point massage. It has a lasting effect on physical well-being. 


BURNOUT-Counseling (Pre- and Aftercare)

The "spectre" of burnout is on everyone's lips, more and more people in various life situations and professions are falling ill with it. But what is really behind it?

People who are strongly devoted to their profession and sacrifice themselves for other people are particularly often affected by burnout syndrome. This often happens in professions such as teacher, doctor or nurse. In principle, however, anyone can suffer from burnout syndrome, regardless of their profession, for example due to family stress.

The burnout syndrome does not arise suddenly, but usually develops over a longer period of time. Initially very motivated and committed people slowly resign and withdraw more and more socially. Finally, physical complaints occur, such as:

  • Headaches / dizzinesstiredness 
  • exhaustion
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Mood swings / depression

The causes of burn-out syndrome are manifold and can vary greatly. In most cases, strong stress of various kinds or long-term stress at work or in the family play a role. This is especially true if at the same time one's own performance is not or only slightly recognized and the person affected copes with stress in an unfavorable way. Those affected by burnout do not pay enough attention to allowing themselves phases of rest and relaxation and suppress the body's warning signals over a long period of time.


For the therapy of burn-out syndrome, it is important that those affected themselves recognize that they need help and accept it for themselves. In the long term, it is necessary for them to change previous behavior patterns and habits and to attach importance to a healthy lifestyle. Those affected must learn to recognize and heed their own needs. Work and relaxation must be balanced.

Those who seek support early on and actively participate in the therapy have good prospects of ongoing improvement back to a relaxed life.


MEDITATION (individual and group)

Meditation can have a lasting effect on the well-being of body, mind and spirit; meditating has a relaxing and healing effect.

Numerous studies show that meditative concentration exercises, "mental travel" and visualization of states of consciousness can reduce stress, expand learning abilities, increase self-confidence and improve physical abilities.


Do you struggle every day to reconcile work and private life - and yet sometimes everything grows on you over your head? Would you like to recharge your batteries and take an experiential journey into your inner self? Is your life in a state of upheaval, or do you want to actively change something and wish for inspiring and strengthening support? Whatever the motivation for a shorter or longer fantasy journey may be: "When meditating, stars rise every time!".


As a trained meditation guide, I take you on fantasy journeys. This offers you the opportunity to simply let go, switch off and relax, to reach your inner child, to recharge your batteries, to find your inner center or even to meet your personal guardian angel, to find your own power animal.


Opening hours, prices and all other information:

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Tourismus Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG
Update: November 02, 2021

Public transport

  • With the Rhaetian Railway (from Chur, Landquart/Prättigau or from the Upper Engadin) hourly to Zernez station.
  • Continue by PostBus (from Zernez or Mals) hourly to PostBus stop Müstair, posta.

Getting there

  • From the north: via Landquart - Klosters by car transport through the Vereina tunnel (Selfranga - Sagliains). From Zernez on the H28 into Val Müstair as far as Müstair (50 minutes' drive from Vereina south portal).

  • From the east: via Reschenpass (Nauders) on the SS40 to Mals. From Mals on the SS41 to the Swiss border in Müstair.

  • From the south: Via Bolzano and Merano on the SS40 to Malles. From Mals on the SS41 to the Swiss border in Müstair.


Free parking available


2'830'318E 1'168'581N
46.628737, 10.446813
46°37'43.5"N 10°26'48.5"E
32T 610753 5164924
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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